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Huizhou huiyang district new fair as the three umbrella factory mingguang umbrella co., LTD. (Hong Kong) was established in 2005, is a set design, production, sales in the integration of the factory. In the aspect of system umbrella technology have deep experience.
Huizhou huiyang district new fair as the three umbrella factory is a collection of production and processing, wholesale distribution of a limited liability company. Golf umbrella, umbrella, advertising umbrella, straight rod umbrella, thirty percent twenty percent umbrella, umbrella, pencil, baby umbrella, beach umbrella, umbrella, beach umbrella, umbrella is a new fair huiyang district, huizhou three umbrella factory main products.
Is currently involved in advertising umbrella, 2-5 folding umbrella, child umbrella, golf umbrella, sunny or rainy, gift umbrella and beach umbrella and other hundreds of various products, has the production of golf umbrella and umbrella Japan splicing ? 8 pieces and 6 pieces of the umbrella